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29-Gauge Metal Roof

8′, 10′, & 12′ Wide Buildings  Trusses  Are Spaced 24″ on Center

Optional Upgrades

Steeper Pitch (Gable Roof Only)

Radiant Barrier OSB 


Premium 2×4 Studs Spaced 24″ on Center

Double Top Plate

Hurricane Truss Screws Securing Roof to Walls

Double Studded Corners

2×4 Door and Window Headers

70″ Double Shop Door (Custom 4′ Single Door on 8′ Wide Buildings)

Optional Upgrades

Interior Framed Walls


29-Gauge Metal Siding

Optional Upgrades

Upgraded Metal Color


5/8″ Tongue and Groove Floor

2×6 Floor Joists 16″ on Center

4×6 Pressure Treated Skids

Optional Upgrades

Premium 3/4″ Tongue and Groove Flooring

Metal Side Utility

If you feel like you have run out of storage in your home closets, the Metal Side Utility portable building is an affordable option to add the extra space you need for your keepsakes, valuables, and seasonal decorations.

  • Metal Side Utility Sizes
  • Standard Features
  • Common Upgrades

Metal Utility

The Metal Utility building offers the best value per square foot. Constructed with the same quality craftsmanship as our wooden buildings, with low-maintenance 29-gauge metal siding and roof.

  • Metal Utility Sizes
  • Standard Features
  • Common Upgrades

Metal Side Lofted Barn

For convenient, accessible storage right on your property, a portable Metal Side Lofted Barn gives you ample space. Keep heavy lawn equipment on the floor while the extra overhead storage keeps totes of decorations tucked away until they are ready for use.

  • Metal Side Lofted Barn Sizes
  • Standard Features
  • Common Upgrades

Metal Lofted Barn

A Metal Lofted Barn is an ideal option for inexpensive, secure metal storage shed with two lofts at each end. Our metal siding offers fade protection, rust blocking, and dent resistance to keep the shed and it’s contents protected.

  • Metal Lofted Barn Sizes
  • Standard Features
  • Common Upgrades

Looking to compare a burnished slate metal building with a gray metal building? Want to design your own shed with specific upgrade options? The 3D Builder lets you customize all of our metal shed styles to make a storage building that fits your needs. Configure your own shed without leaving home to compare metal building prices and help you decide what building and options you need! When you are ready to order, submit for a final quote from the local dealer near you!

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