Get Your Site Ready

Essential Requirements for Your Metal Building Installation

Are you eagerly anticipating the installation of your new metal building? After going through the thoughtful process of customization and placing a unique order for your ideal structure, installation day is approaching. However, there is a slight setback—you haven’t prepared your site yet! So, how do you get your site ready for the arrival of your new metal building? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive guide that will walk you through the essential steps for site preparation. Consider this your go-to resource to ensure you’re well-prepared for the seamless installation of your new metal building!

It Takes a Quality Beginning!

At Supreme Pro Structures, we are dedicated to producing top-notch metal buildings that surpass industry standards. Our focus lies in utilizing high-quality materials, ensuring efficient lead times, providing expert installation services, and delivering exceptional customer service. Additionally, we place great importance on customization and fulfilling specialized orders, ensuring that every customer receives a tailored solution that meets their specific needs and preferences.

However, when it comes down to it, the foundation of an exceptional metal building on your site begins right from the start, and that starts with proper preparation of your site.

When it comes to achieving a high-quality outcome, we are committed to fulfilling our role. However, it is essential for you to do your part in preparing the site before we proceed with installing your customized metal building.

So, what can you do to ensure that your site is properly prepared? Look no further, as we have all the information you need right here! Take a look at our site requirements, checkpoints, and other important details below.

Did you verify your city & parishes, codes, regulations & permit Requirements for new building.

Before proceeding, it is crucial to prioritize the initial step of contacting your county to inquire about any necessary permits or potential building codes that may pose restrictions. Your local building department will possess comprehensive information regarding the specific requirements you need to be aware of. Regardless of whether you are considering a residential or commercial metal building addition, we strongly emphasize the importance of thoroughly investigating permits, codes, and regulations to ensure compliance and a smooth process.

Obtaining the necessary permits and adhering to building codes is essential and dependent on factors such as your location and weather conditions. It is crucial to reach out to your local building department to receive their approval and ensure compliance. Failing to do so may result in the potential demolition of the structure if it lacks proper permits or fails to meet specific codes, leaving you with the task of starting anew.

To ensure a successful start to your metal building project, make it a priority to promptly address this requirement and check it off your list as soon as possible.

Structure Placement On Your Site?

By ensuring that you start with a high-quality location, you can avoid potential issues during the installation process. The last thing you want is to discover that your chosen location is not suitable, leading to further delays or ending up with a metal building that doesn’t fit well in the space. Take the time to assess and choose the right location to set the stage for a successful and well-fitted metal building installation.

Before proceeding with the installation of your new metal building, whether it’s a carport, RV garage, boat cover, or multipurpose storage unit, it is crucial to carefully consider the location you have in mind. Ask yourself important questions such as whether there is sufficient space for the desired building, whether the foundation is capable of supporting such a structure, and whether the chosen spot is ideal in terms of reliability and long-term durability.

Metal Building Site Preparation: Additional Considerations!

However, there are further essential tasks to complete before considering your site fully prepared for metal building installation. While obtaining permits and selecting an ideal location are crucial, there is still significant work to be done. Don’t overlook the importance of primary groundwork, selecting an appropriate foundation, clearing the area of obstacles, and more. These preparatory steps are vital before proceeding with the installation in collaboration with our expert metal building team at Supreme Pro Structures.

Preparing the groundwork is an essential and non-negotiable step in the process.

Before commencing the construction process, it is crucial to thoroughly clear the designated area of any debris within and around the installation perimeter. This includes removing trees, bushes, garbage, and any other barriers that may obstruct the progress. Additionally, the ground should be appropriately leveled. It is essential to ensure that nothing obstructs the delivery truck or installation crew, as items in the way can cause delays and complications. Therefore, proper ground preparation is vital to ensure a smooth and successful construction process.

It is imperative to remove all barriers & barricades from the designated area.

Upon the arrival of the installation crew with your new metal building, any obstructions encountered around or within the work area will require their time and effort to remove. This additional labor can lead to higher installation costs. If the barriers cannot be swiftly cleared, the crew may need to leave the site and schedule another visit, incurring additional fees. To ensure a smooth installation process, it is crucial to proactively address any obstructions or barriers by removing them prior to the crew’s arrival.

Selecting the right foundation is crucial for a successful project.

The location of your metal building remains a significant factor to consider. Various foundation types are available, including gravel, asphalt, ground, and concrete. It is essential to choose the most appropriate foundation type that aligns with your metal building and its intended purpose. Factors such as the area, expected weather conditions, and the specific type of metal building you plan to install should guide your selection of the foundation. Taking these aspects into account will ensure that the chosen foundation is well-suited for your project and supports the longevity and functionality of your metal building.

We are almost there!

Once you have completed the necessary steps outlined above, it is now time to contact the building experts at Supreme Pro Structures to schedule your installation. We will collaborate with you to find a suitable installation timeframe that takes into consideration your specific requirements and allows for proper lead time, taking into account weather conditions. With our experienced team, your metal building installation will be carried out seamlessly, ensuring a streamlined and efficient process.