Rent to Own Your Structure

Buildings come in a diverse range of types, encompassing portable structures, sheds, offices, in-law suites, steel barns, carports, and protective enclosures for agricultural equipment. They serve as essential solutions for storage and safeguarding requirements. Nonetheless, the initial cost of acquiring a robust and long-lasting structure can often present financial hurdles.

At Supreme Pro Services, we take immense pride in presenting our customers with economical choices for top-notch structures, viewing this as a fundamental component of our dedication to delivering outstanding customer service. We acknowledge that not everyone, whether an individual, business, or family, possesses the financial resources to outright purchase their preferred building. This limitation mainly arises from the challenge of having readily available funds for something as pivotal as a portable or metal structure, which can significantly impact one’s business or personal life and how they manage their possessions. Hence, at Supreme Pro Services, we are thrilled to offer adaptable payment plans that empower you to settle the cost of your building at your own pace. We have introduced a versatile rent-to-own program for our structures, ensuring it’s now more convenient than ever for you to invest in the building configuration you desire, as swiftly as possible!

Exploring Rent-to-Own: Why It Can Be A Choice!

Our rent-to-own option for your ideal portable or metal structure is a wise decision. It relieves the burden of having to make an immediate purchase. If you don’t have the means to pay for your dream structure upfront, we don’t want that to be an obstacle. That’s why Supreme Pro Services provides a simple and stress-free rent-to-own program tailored to make your life easier!

The Rent to Own Process

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Let’s highlight four advantages you can enjoy through our rent-to-own program!



We’re delighted to provide you with a straightforward program where you can make purchases up to $15,000 without the need for a credit check. The Supreme Pro Services rent-to-own program prioritizes simplicity and efficiency. We won’t scrutinize your credit history or keep you waiting for approval. Our main focus is on helping you acquire the portable or metal building you’ve always wanted swiftly and hassle-free!



Our commitment is to provide quick service, so there’s no reason for us to delay in approving your payment plan. We guarantee a swift application approval process – in fact, it can be done instantly. Take the initial step today and see for yourself the efficiency we promise!



We partner with a RTO Company that create a straightforward, transparent contract with no hidden fees or fine print, enabling you to make monthly payments as part of the program. This plan is clear and easy to understand.



Here’s the most appealing aspect: You’re not bound by a monthly contract. You have the freedom to pay off your metal building at any point within a 24-60-month window from the purchase date. This means you can stick to your monthly payment plan as intended, or if you wish, you can settle the entire balance without incurring any early payment penalties.

Why Should You Think About Rent-to-Own?

If you’re eager to begin building your dream portable or metal structure right now but can’t afford to pay the full cost upfront, don’t let that hold you back! At Supreme Pro Services, we are committed to assisting individuals in finding the perfect portable or metal buildings to meet their needs, simplify their lives, and support their growth. That’s why we offer a rent-to-own payment program. Regardless of your background or the reason behind your building search, we can assure you that our rent-to-own program is a suitable option for you!

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Are you eager to explore the rent-to-own program available at Supreme Pro Services? If you’re enthusiastic about the opportunity to start acquiring your portable or metal building, whether it’s for agricultural, recreational, commercial, or residential use, don’t hesitate to contact us today!